I, Samar Ibrahim was suffering from Macula Degeneration in the eyes, over few sessions with Mr. Khatib a period just over 3 weeks my eye was totally healed which made the eye specialists a bit surprised.
I also suffer from some Allergies such as
Apple cider vinegar
Wheat, Milk, soap, sun
And again Mr. Khatib treated my allergies by TFT.

Mr. Mohamad khatib is using pranic healing
For my high cholesterol level .

I would like to Thank Mr.Khatib for his time and effort in healing people, as I do recommend him and his services to all the people I know.
Best regards

Samar Ibrahim

My name is Khadeeja Hatab I was suffering from Fibromyalgia on my Womb and it was bad the first image show that I have within the Posterior wall a 9*4.5*5cm and 2.7*3.1*2.4cm and the endometrial thickness measures up to 6.3mm ,so I heard from my friends that there is a Pranic Heller can help me and I went there and met Mr Mohammed Khatib the Pranic Heller and done some sessions for me ,I couldn’t believe at the beginning and after I done another image turn to be that I have from 7 fibroid on my womb down to 2 only ,,I was very happy with this result and thanks a lot to Mr Mohammed Khatib for helping me to back to normal again than the operation option,,thanks again

Khadeeja Hatab

I recently suffered from intense lower buck pain. Ih was the cause of an injury which occurred while I was at the gym. I tried physiotherapy however it was a long process and the results were minimal. My wife referred me to Pranic Healing which I wasn’t convinced of at first. After my first session l immediately felt the difference. There was no more pain. I was able to touch my toes again and it felt like I had never been injured. This experience quickly changed my mind about Pranic healing. I didn’t believe it until I experienced it for myself, It’s amazing i really do recommend going to Mohamed Khatib.

I had been on and off different medications but I couldn’t overcome the discomfort and struggle of the side effects I was having. A family member have heard about Pranic Healing and introduced me to Mohamed Khatib . After only a few sessions I immediately noticed the difference and so did my doctor. Pranic Healing changed my life. No more medications, no more side effects, and no more health issues, thanks Mohamed Khatib for everything.

i have suffered pain in the upper part of my back for almost a year, ever since I had my baby, after trying many types of therapies like thai massages, chiropractors and herbal medicines that didn’t work,
Then i heard about pranic healing and thought I’d give it a go since it was my last bope and i’m glad i did! Day 1 of Pranic healing upto of 50% of the pain was gane. Day 2 could barely feel any pain except when turning my neck i could still feel about 20% of the pain. Day 3 still felt 20% of pain, but 10 to 15 mins into the therapy I couldn’t feel a thing. Day 4 I felt no pain but thought I’d continue with the therapy to keep the good results going. Now it’s been almost 2 weeks since the end of my therapy and i feel great. really appreciate your help Mohamed Khatib

I want to say thank you Mohamed I Finished my day without a severe pain, first time from five year ago after I had ACL operation and they caused a scared tissues that caused me to be in pain all the time after my sessions thankful everything is much better I drove my car without stabbing pain, I done my cooking without stiffness & tight feeling in my muscles and in all my right side and the swelling in my foot much better.
thank you so much for helping & improving me to get better to the way i am now.

I had a back problem L4-L5 for about 1 year and I’ve seen 2 specialists. They said I need an operation but they didn’t guarantee me to walk again. I met Mr Mohamed Khatib and I told him about my problem and said he will help me. After 12 sessions which took one and a half months my back is much much better and didn’t need the operation which is incredible. And it has been 2 years since then. Do recommend it rather than going to do operation.

Khaled Elsayed

I’ve been complaining from the pain that I’ve been feeling in my right foot for a long time as well as the bottom of my left foot. After i seen Mr Mohamed( after 3 visits ) I’ve felt much more better by 40% ,
hopefully MR Mohamed and I will continue the treatments until the end,
Before treatment I could never cross my legs I used to lift the leg in pain with my hands to cross it on the other leg, after treatment I can now cross my legs without any help, i used to pray whilst sitting and now I can pray normally like any other person & most importantly the reason behind me feeling better is from Allah (God) ( swt ) and from the help of Mr Mohamed Khatib

Abed Khalaf